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    Heartbreaking: IDF Staff Sgt. Shachar Dauber, a 20 year old paratrooper, was killed by Hamas terrorists in Gaza this week. Before he went to fight, he left this letter behind for loved ones.

    Read and share his letter to grant his last wish - that he be remembered.

    Translation below.

    My name is Shachar Dauber and I would like to tell you a few things.

    First of all, I am very excited, I feel like I am doing something for my country.The pressure that rises in me is not only fear, it is the excitement of getting in there.

    I want to tell you that I left something behind, something that will help people remember me as I was.

    I miss my family, mom and dad and my older brother, and of course, my cat Kizi.

    I love you all, I am sorry for the hard times I put you through and hope you remember me as I am.

    I have one thing to ask and that is for you to remember me.


    Shachar Daube

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